5 Drinks Every College Student Should Try Before Graduation

College is the perfect time for students to feel freedom. It is their time to experiment and explore things that they have not tried before. Sometimes, this is the stage when students would start taking the steps towards the career path that they want to take after graduation. Once you graduate, the fun and thrill of being a student end. This is why many would take on challenges and new things so that they will never have any regrets once they graduate.
Graduation ends the exploration and experimentation as a student. This is why it is best that you try on new things like drinks before you graduate. There are different drinks that students always wanted to try but are hesitant. Before graduation is the best time to make this step, keep in mind that as long as it will not bring any negative effects to you, your body as well as the mind, then it is worth a try.

Drinks to Try Before Graduation

1. Tequila Shot
This is a very popular drink, and most of the time, minors are not allowed to have it. But for you who will be moving towards your graduation should at least try it once before you finish your college stage. Just be sure not to over drink as you can get tipsy quite fast.
2. Rum and Coke
If you would think of it, it is an easy combination, but when you try this drink, you will surely never forget it. A shot will be enough for you to taste and experience it. Getting more than two shots of this drink will cause you dizziness.
3. Jungle Juice
If you are looking for a healthier and lighter alternative drink to try, then you should taste jungle juice. This is the modern version of the ‘punch,’ a popular drink that is a mixture of flavored juice and alcohol with bits and cubes of fruits, like apples, pear, oranges, among others. It tastes good, and the punch will not be that hard even if you drink a lot.
4. Fireball
If the mix of cinnamon and whiskey puzzles you, then the Fireball is the drink that you should try. It has strong alcohol content, but because it tastes good, you do not need any chaser with it. Just make sure that you control the amount that you drink as it can get you drunk easily.
5. Smirnoff Ice
If you have been trying to avoid drinking Smirnoff Ice, then do not restrict yourself anymore. This is one of the most popular college drinks that you should taste before graduating. It is crisp, refreshing, and tasty. Its citrus taste will make you want for more.
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