Rules Of Wine Drinking At College

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When you are able to finish your school tasks within the week, you can have a little free time to take a sip of wine maybe with friends or family. Wine drinking is also common in college. College students use wine drinking with bonding with friends as a time to relax and unwind. You can take this time-out to release your stresses and just regain energy and enthusiasm for school again. However, there will always be rules when you drink wine at college.

Rules of College Wine Drinking

1. Learn the alcohol content of the wine

Before drinking wine, get to know alcohol content first. This will help you set limits as to the number of glasses that you will take so you can avoid getting drunk.

2. Not all wines taste good

Do not get too excited to drink wine especially if it is something new to your eyes. Not all wines taste good and something that you will love. You might take a quick gulp and just throw it up right away. First small sips make sure that you can handle the taste.

3. Wines are not just for parties

You can drink wine anytime. You should take away the idea that wines should only be opened for parties. You can have a sip or two during the weekend when you need to relax a bit. You can have a wine-drinking session with your roommate on a weekend when you want to have some calm and relaxing talk. Just be sure to drink moderately and appropriately.

4. Be prepared with wine bottle openers

Keep in mind that not all wines have screw caps. Many wines still have cork caps which are more difficult to open. Always have wine openers with you any time you will attend a wine-drinking session. This way, you do not have to knife out the cork in case the wine available have cork caps.
Wine drinking at college is the reward that you can have for working so hard to finish school tasks within the week. This activity is fine as long as it is taken in moderation and treated as a way to relax and de-stress only.